4. Example Programs

This document deliberately doesn't go into details regarding the API as you can read this from the header files. The best way to learn how Mint works generally is to see the example programs included with the mtMintKit package.

4.1 Hello World

This is a very basic hello world style program that uses a simple alert dialog.

4.2 Demo

Demo demonstrates how to use many of the widgets that Mint has available.

4.3 Font

Font demonstrates how to use the font facilities.

4.4 Inifile

Inifile demonstrates how to read and write inifiles.

4.5 Calculator

Calculator was the first fully functional application that I created with Mint. It demonstrates these features:

  • Using different fonts and font sizes, including the font cache.
  • Using a single main dialog and button widgets.
  • Using different styles to colour buttons.
  • Using keyboard accelerators.

    4.6 Calendar

    Calendar demonstrates these features:

  • Creating a custom widget.
  • Creating a custom dialog.

    4.7 Layout

    Layout is a simple demo of how to develop a dialog widget which can be resized when the program is run in a multi tasking window environment. It demonstrates these features:

  • Using the signal MINT_SIGNAL_WIDGET_RESIZED.
  • Using tags to quickly and easily reference widgets.

    4.8 Gettext

    Gettext demonstrates how to use gettext to translate strings into UTF-8 so that Mint applications can be localized for different languages. In order to correctly see the various translations provided you will need to use a font that contains these characters.

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