mtCellEdit is a minimal spreadsheet program. Its primary goal is to offer spreadsheet facilities to C programs via a simple API, but it also has a GUI for manual editing.

mtCellEdit is free software, which means you are able to freely use, modify and distribute it according to the GNU General Public License.

Here are some specific features and details of the program:

  • Each cell can contain some text, a number or a formula.
  • The R1C1 cell reference model is used in preference to the A1 system as this makes relative referencing clearer, and makes it easier to spot certain input errors.
  • Import/Export tab delimited data from other spreadsheet programs.
  • For saving and loading a whole spreadsheet natively I have used my own tree style file format so I don't have to depend on bulky or inefficient formats like XML.
  • Edit sheets with millions of rows and columns (the only practical limit is the amount of free memory, and CPU time).
  • It has a small modular core which can be easily incorporated into other C language programs to give them spreadsheet facilities.
  • The core of version 0.4.0 is less than 32K compiled and is pure C language - the test command line program only links against the C library which delivers perfect runtime portability. Compile time dependencies for the core are only the tradional GNU toolchain (i.e. Bash, GCC, Bison, etc). To compile and run the GUI you will also need to have GTK+ version 2.
  • The use of a Bison parser makes it very simple to expand the grammar for future tasks.

    Download HERE


    Here is the default font:

    Here is the Arial font being used at size 16:

    This is the 9x18.pcf.gz bitmap font:

    This screenshot demonstrates how you can have millions of rows and columns: Logo